GMC Projects has developed unique real estate
projects in Western Canada since 1999.


Founded in 1999, GMC Projects is a real estate development, investment and management company that specializes in identifying strategic real estate opportunities in Western Canada. We have developed residential, office, retail, industrial, self storage, hospitality and recreational facilities and continue to grow. We work with an experienced group of tried and true trades and professional consultants that we have ongoing relations with. We only carry on business in locations where we understand the market, the regulators and our competition. We are hands-on, cost-conscious, and results-driven.



More than just a developer.


GMC is a private family owned company.  We are multi-faceted in our approach to real estate investment by providing in-house development, asset and property management services which provides us with an in-depth knowledge of each project/property we work on. This hands-on approach puts us in the best position to control costs and add value to each property. 



Our Goals

GMC develops projects that transform living and working environments. Creating high quality real estate projects and business opportunities sets GMC a part from its competition and provides value to our investors by maximizing returns while operating our business in an ecologically responsible manner is paramount. We lead by example by living our lives in a balanced, community-based fashion.

Our Principles

We will only take on projects we know will provide superior returns or present a strategic advantage that will provide a future benefit. We are selective in our working and personal relationships by seeking partners who share our passion.


Our Advantage

We work with more than bare statistics. At GMC we develop real estate in our backyard, where we know the industry participants, and the ever-fluctuating real estate market. Our in-house expertise in leasing, project management, financing, trades and consulting, allows us to work with everyone from contractors to tenants on a personal level. Understanding and monitoring properties at this depth is unique and allows GMC to keep our finger on the pulse in a complex and constantly evolving industry.


Our Commitment

At GMC, we are committed to being on the leading edge of environmental and energy efficient design as well as ecologically friendly business practices. We are pleased to be developing one of the first mixed-use Passive House designed projects in North America with Brixton Flats, which is scheduled for completion in the Spring of 2018.