Property & Asset Management

We do not provide third party property or asset management for fees. We do provide property and asset management for real estate that we develop or redevelop with our investors as we know the assets inside/out, the tenants on a personal level and thereby are in the best position to add value to each property.


Superior returns in real estate are generated through an active development strategy that improves existing assets by expansion, renovation, change of use or ground-up development. For many industry participants, this same strategy can also result in financial turmoil, particularly for those who misread changes in local market trends- a common occurrence in an industry where mitigation of risk is paramount. At GMC we develop real estate in our back yard, where we know the industry participants, the people from whom we seek regulatory approvals and the always fluctuating real estate market. GMC Projects is a real estate planning, acquisition, development and management company. We pursue carefully selected real estate market niches and as a result, we achieve market advantages and superior returns for our investor partners and ourselves. GMC's projects include mixed-use developments that are oriented to urban living and public transit, apartment and condominium homes, character office buildings with modern interior spaces, efficient industrial distribution centers, self-storage facilities, innovative retail centers, high quality recreational facilities and master planned business parks that require our logistical expertise. We have in-house legal and broker experience, thereby eliminating document delay. We employ sustainable building practices and live in the communities where our projects are located. At GMC, we really have our finger on the pulse.